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Micro-tunneling (pipe jacking) can be divided into: air pressure balance, slurry balance and earth pressure balance (EPB).

Among them, slurry balance pipe jacking is a mechanical automatic construction method. It uses slurry pressure to balance the earth pressure and groundwater pressure. At same time, slurry as a transporter of cuttings to take out them. The mud separation plant is an indispensable device in the slurry balance pipe jacking process, which is mainly used to separate the cuttings, particles from the mud. After the treatment, slurry can be re-return to the wellhead to re-use, saving costs.

Micron-tunneling (Pipe jacking) Features:

1. Earth moving is reduced to a minimum

2. Optimum protection for people and nature

3. No ground water lowering reduced

4. Mobility above ground is not affected

5. Construction work in all weathers

6. High degree of reliability and cost effectiveness.

7. Minimize waste disposal volume

Socient Slurry Separation Plant Advantages:

1. Modular design

2. Finer screens, larger open sieve area

3. Easy access to separation plant

4. Different sieves and agitator are included

5. Inclination of screens is adjustable

6. Large diameter low-pressure Hydrocyclones

7. Vacuum assisted for precise control of cyclone underflow

8. Walkway and railing for safe working

9. Flexibility due to upgradable modular and compact design

Meanwhile, Socient design and supply pre screener to remove the large clay before it hits our screen of separation plant. If there is a lot of silt and clay in slurry, clean slurry will be a large issue. So Socient design and supply clarifier systems to make it sediment through adding polymer.

3. Pump

4. Container house

The below matching technical parameters between pipe jacking machine and separation plant for reference only, according to actual requirement of clients we can make appropriate design.