Industries Served

Socient design and supply a completed separation solution for Mining drilling, for example: vibration shale shaker, profile wire screen, polyurethane screen and etc.

ZS Liner shale shaker

Material on the screen surface makes parabolic movement along the straight line, so as to achieve the purpose of screening. The speed of screening is fast and the processing capacity is large. The space of shaker decking is limited, so don`t allow for larger screens.

YK Circular track shale shaker

YK Circular track shale shaker`s movement track is circular or elliptical.

Features as below:

1. Screening distance is long and decking can be multi-layer screening

2. The circular movement can cause the material to roll down from the deck. And this way can help reduce “plugging” of the near size material in the openings of screen.

3. Changing the screen angle, so as to change the movement speed of the material along the screen surface and improve the capacity of the screening.

Socient provide the different screen for sizing, rinsing and dewatering your product under the different conditions.

Circular track shale shaker`s movement track as below