November 02 2016

Last week, Soceint`s self-developed mud system according to customer demand, has been completed finished. System runs very well during testing in workshop and ready to arrange shipment. The system will support the HDD project in the Southeast Asian market.

This system capacity is 50m3 / h, will match with customer`s 60T Vermeer rig. The system is consist of one double-layer shaker, 4x4`` cyclone, one centrifugal pump, one bottom tank, one electrical control cabinet and a number of manifold. The system can effectively remove 30-40 microns of solid particles from the drilling fluid. After treatment, the drilling mud can be reused. It can effectively protect the drill bit, fully lubricate the drill pipe and protect the drilling wall. At the same time, the system structure is very compact, to meet the stringent requirements of client on the space.

The advantage of this system as below:

1. The system is designed with a liquid level indicator. It can effectively protect the centrifugal pump to prevent empty pumping when operator is failing to shut down mud system in the absence of slurry.

2. The inlet & outlet manifold connection of cyclone use composite rubber, which can effectively avoid the leakage at connection place.

50m³/h mud system picture 1

Socient is committed to research & development and production of mud system for trenchless industries. We provide system like STHDD50, STHDD250, STHDD350, STHDD500, STHDD800, STHDD1000, STHDD1500 and etc. We can also customize other capacity system according to client`s requirement, ground conditions, and related others equipment information.