July 26 2017

Good news! Yesterday we received feedback from a Pakistani client about the dual-track shale shaker working`s videos and pictures. The client said: At present, Socient dual-track shale shaker has successfully solved the problem of the oil-based mud blocks screen that has troubled us for a long time. Now, the waste solids is dry and the performance of shaker is perfect.

The client purchased three sets dual-track shale shakers at the beginning of March this year to match them existing 240 m3 / h solids control system to overcome the problem of drilling mud blocks screen, one of which is for stock. The dual-track shale shakers were supplied to client`s 5000 meters depth drilling site and matched 100mesh, 120mesh, 140mesh to suit different underground.

Shaker performance pictures at site are as follows:

Shaker working picture 1

Shaker working picture 2

Socient developing the dual-track shale shaker is suitable for clay and sand formations, or oil-based mud blocking screen conditions. Customers can switch between liner and elliptical track elliptical based on underground or mud conditions. While underground with much clay and low sand, high viscosity or oil-based mud blocking screen, we recommend elliptical-track shaker to extend separation time, reduce the amount of mud loss and avoid screen plugged by slurry.

Socient is committed to solve a variety of mud separation problems. Welcome to consult.