Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump



STSB series Centrifugal pump is an important equipment in the drilling fluid circulation system, mainly used for transporting drilling fluid slurry. In mud system, it be used to transfer slurry for desander, desilter, can also be mixing pump for jet mud mixer slurry pump.

STSB series Centrifugal Pump

STSB Centrifugal Pump - Technical Parameters

Centrifugal Pump Features:

  • 1. Spare parts can be exchanged with the Mission Magnum.
  • 2. Pump body adopts high - wear-resistant alloy cast iron, with longer service life.
  • 3. The sealing components includes main mechanical seal, auxiliary packing seal and oil seal.
  • 4. The wall thickness of pump shell is made of fine casting mold, with good wear resistance and fine appearance.
  • 5. The impeller is designed with high chromium alloy, good wear resistance.
  • 6. Explosion-proof grade: explosion-proof: EXdIIBt4/ IECEX/A-TEX

Spare Parts