Drilling Waste Management

Drilling Waste Management

Waste Management.


Drilling waste disposal on the one hand can be recycled oil-based mud, reduce investment costs; the other hand, a significant reduction in oil-based sludge residue in the oil content, reduce environmental pollution.

Drilling waste management on the one hand can treat and recycle oil-based mud (OBM), cave investment costs. On the other hand, OOC (oil on cuttings) in OBM waste solids can greatly cut down and reduce environmental pollution.

Drilling waste management working process

1. Line shale shaker 2. Mud cleaner 3. Screw conveyor (Auger) 4. Vertical cutting dryer 5. Dried cuttings discharge 6. Recovered mud 7. Recovered mud tank 8. Centrifuge feed pump 9. Decanter centrifuge 10. Solids discharge 11. Clean mud back to active mud system

The workflow is described as follows:

  • 1. The drilling mud from the rig enters the Line shale shaker (1), and mud cleaner (2)
  • 2. After (1) and (2), discharged solids through screw conveyor (3) goes into the vertical cutting dryer (4)
  • 3. The dried cuttings solids (5) is discharged after the vertical cutting dryer, and the recovered drilling mud (6) enters the recovered mud tank (7)
  • 4. Centrifuge feed pump or screw pump (8) to pumps the recovered mud from recovered mud tank to the centrifuge (9) to treat.
  • 5. After centrifuge the solid discharge (10) is removed (10) and the clean mud come back to mud system (11).

Dried cuttings as the follow picture: