Jet Mud Mixer

Jet Mud Mixer


STSLH jet mud mixer is mainly used to increase the drilling fluid weight through adding and mixing bentonite, barite, and additive to change the density, viscosity, water of drilling fluid and so on. Jet mud mixer is consisted of mixing hopper, venturi butterfly valve, centrifugal and base, which has simple structure and good mixing effect. The effect will be better if it is matched with a shear pump. According to the clients requirement, Socient can provide Twin-Jet Mud Mixer on the base.

According to customer`s requirement, jet mixing mixer can be equipped with electric control cabinet.

Jet Mud Mixer Technical Parameters

Jet Mud Mixer Features:

  • 1. Feeding material speed not more than jet mud mixer capacity to ensure the best mixing effect.
  • 2. Before closing mud system, hopper should be cleaned and valves should be opened to drain the liquid, special in winter to avoid freeze.