Mud Recycling System

Mud Recycling System

Separation System.


Mud Recycling System for HDD and water well drilling

Relative to the use of drilling fluids within the oil & gas/CBM industry, the use of drilling fluids within the horizontal directional drilling (“HDD”) & water well industry, is new. Until the 1980’s, drillers in HDD, water well drilling started to consider the use of basic drilling fluids. However,couple the evolution of drilling fluids with the escalating cost of waste management and disposal, the economic practicality of utilizing drilling fluids, is dependent on the ability to recover and recycle.

Socient mud recycling system is proved as effective, durable, long-lasting packaged fluid reclaimers and widely used in HDD, water wells and other fields.

Socient mud recycling system specification as below:

1. Application: HDD, Water well drilling.

2. Separation stage: 2 stage, 3stage, 4stage

3. System rated capacity: 150GPM, 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 600GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM, 1500GPM

The below diagram represents a closed loop zero discharge work at site:

Socient Mud recycling system specification

The above technical parameters for reference only, according to actual requirement of clients we can make appropriate design.