Screw Pump

Screw Pump



STLGB series screw pump is the best suitable equipment to supply fluid for decanter centrifugal, without cutting and mixing the mud. It relies on the volume change of the sealed chamber formed by the screw shaft and the bushing to suck and discharge the liquid. The main components of screw pump are screw shaft (rotor), screw casing (stator). Screw pump owns smooth flow, low pressure pulsation, self-suction ability, low noise, high efficiency, long service life, reliable performance. The importance is that screw pump conveying medium doesn`t form a vortex, so it`s not sensitive about viscosity of the media and can transport high viscosity medium.

Both of screw pump and submersible slurry pump can be as supplied pump for decanter centrifuge. But the first is more stable.

Screw Pump

Screw Pump Technical Parameters

Screw pump features: Features:

  • 1. Flow and pressure are stable, no-impulse
  • 2. During transportation, low noise, no leakage, no temperature rise.
  • 3. Simple structure, easy maintenance.
  • 4. Large working speed range and flow, pressure are adjustable.
  • 5. Can be used in a wide range and can transport all flowing medium.
  • 6. The screw pump shaft is made of stainless steel.