Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker


Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment to treat drilling mud slurry. After testing at site, Socient can design linear shale shaker and Dual-track shale shaker.

While underground with rock and sand, we recommend linear shale shaker, fastly discharge solids and own big capacity. The dual-track shale shaker is suitable for both sand and clay formations, and allowing to adjust between elliptical track and Liner according to different underground conditions. While underground with much clay and low sand, high viscosity, we recommend elliptical track shaker to extend separation time, reduce the amount of mud loss and avoid screen plugged by slurry.

According to customer requirement, we can design and provide double deck shale shaker, double shaker or triple shale shaker. At the same time, the shale shaker can also be used as the bottom shaker of mud cleaner.

Shale Shaker Technical Parameters

Shale Shaker Features

  • 1. Shaker body: Overall annealing treatment, which can meet high vibration for long time
  • 2. Shaker box: Overall blasting treatment, enhance painting adhesion.
  • 3. Screen installation method: Wedge block clamp device, simple and easy to replace the screen.
  • 4. Angle adjustment: stainless steel lifting angle adjustment, durable, easy to operate.
  • 5. Stainless steel baffle: According to customer requirements, install stainless steel baffle mud device, prevent mud splash to pollute environment.
  • 6. Damping spring: Adopt metal rubber composite material to reduce noise. Also provide steel spring to apply at harsh cold and hot weather.
  • 7. Cable joint: gland type or others.
  • 8. Electrical components: ABB, Siemens, Schneider and other international well-known brands.
  • 9. Vibration motor: American Martin Sino-Italian Oli, etc.
  • 10. Motor starting mode: magnetic starter, convenient control and simple maintenance.
  • 11. Slurry feed box type: back weir type, top type, hopper type, etc, adapt to different environment.