Slurry Separation Plant

Slurry Separation Plant

Separation System.


Socient Slurry Separation Plant Advantages:

  • 1. Modular design
  • 2. System more compact
  • 3. Finer screens, larger open sieve area
  • 4. Easy access to separation plant
  • 5. Different sieves and agitator are included
  • 6. Inclination of screens is adjustable
  • 7. Large diameter low-pressure Hydrocyclones
  • 8. Vacuum assisted for precise control of cyclone underflow
  • 9. Walkway and railing for safe working
  • 10. Flexibility due to upgradable modular and compact design

Separation Plant Working Principle

1. Supply line 2. Combo shaker 3. Main reservoir 4. Storage Tank 5. Intermediate tank 6. Desander cyclone 7. Desilter cyclone 8. Gravel pump to desander 9. Centrifugal pump to desilter 10. Solid Discharge 11. Slurry Discharge 12. Float lever control Device

  • Flow Diagram:
  • 1. Slurry charged with soil is conveyed to the separation plant through the supply line (1) and let out onto a vibrating coarse sieve (2), which removes particles exceeding 5mm in size.
  • 2. The sieved slurry processed by the coarse shaker drops into the main reservoir(3) and from where it is pumped(8) to the desander cyclones (6), which separating out more than 0.06mm (60um) particles from the slurry.
  • 3. A further refinement of the slurry can be achieved by pumping(9), already treated slurry from the storage tank(4) to the equipped battery of fine-desilter cyclones (7) for subsequent treatment. The particles size more than (20um) can be separated.

Socient Mud Recycling System Specification as below:

  • 1. Application: Micron-tunneling (Pipe jacking), Construction
  • 2. Separation stage: 2 stage, 3stage, 4stage
  • 3. System rated capacity: 100m³/h, 150m³/h, 200m³/h, 250m³/h, 500m³/h

Socient Mud Recycling System Specification

The above technical parameters for reference only, according to actual requirement of clients we can make appropriate design.