Vertical Cutting Dryer

Vertical Cutting Dryer


STCD series of vertical cutting dryer is used to dry drilled solids in oil-based or synthetic based mud. Processing capacity can be 30-45 tons per hour, usually after processing, the oil on cuttings content less than 5%, which meet the typical 6% OOC requirements.

In the drilling process, usually solids control equipment separate each 1 cube meter of solid cuttings, can recover 1 to 4 cube meters of drilling fluid. Usually, drilling waste management combined with the vertical cuttings dryer and the other matching equipments usually recovers 1 cubic meter of drilling fluid from 3 cubic meters of cuttings. This amount of recovery is calculated after decanter centrifuge treatment.

Vertical Cutting Dryer Technical Parameters

Vertical Cutting Dryer Features:

  • 1. Separate oil and water from oil-based cuttings, and synthetic based cuttings. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing the harmful substances and recovering the useful drilling fluid.
  • 2. The discharge scraper is made of high chromium cast iron, long working life.
  • 3. High-pressure air knife assembly, can effectively prevent the screen basket to be block.
  • 4. Each replaceable selection part is tested by dynamic balance to meet the machine balance after replacing parts.
  • 5. Independent oil cooling system, effectively work in the high temperature environment
  • 6. The discharge port can be equipped with a screw conveyor to facilitate the transportation of dry cuttings and continuous operation of the equipment.